We are an event medical standby service specializing in safety and first aid. We employ a network of certified first responders and EMT’s to provide medical response for local events and organizations.

We currently offer First Responder and EMT standby service for local public & private school sports, youth sports leagues, college sports teams, professional tournaments, mixed martial arts, boxing, and CrossFit competitions, obstacle and endurance races, and live music and arts festivals. We also offer alternative solutions for churches and religious organizations as well as corporate and private events.

We offer several solutions to fit the needs of our clients. There are 3 levels of service we provide, each including a different equipment configuration. Equipment ranges from different degrees of medical response and trauma bags, to AED’s, airway management kits, and supplemental oxygen. We also offer first aid stations for indoor use or tents for outdoor use.

Many venues rely on a 911 service to handle their medical emergencies, but calling for an ambulance is not always necessary. Minor emergencies and medical complaints can often times be managed by trained medical personnel on site, reducing the need for a 911 unit to respond. Also, in times of a true emergency an ambulance may be delayed or unavailable. Our professionals are able to begin assessing and treating injuries IMMEDIATELY, and can often times have the patient stabilized and ready for transport before an ambulance even arrives.

Some teams may already use their own EMT at games and practices, but we want to encourage venues to provide this as a service themselves. Teams come and go throughout the day, and their EMT may not always be available. Also, that EMT is paid for by the teams that are already paying to use your facilities. If another patron has an emergency elsewhere, there may be confusion as to who is directly responsible. By incorporating Event Medic PGH into your facility you will ensure that everyone is protected, allowing for security and peace of mind to anyone walking through your doors.

Event Medic PGH can compliment your existing services or act as the medical authority for your facility. We can offer flexible services to meet your needs.  Our team consists of insured, licensed, and competent medical professionals – capable of providing the highest quality medical care.